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Links offers a therapeutic service to children and young people of all ages, and parents.

What does therapy involve? – Therapy is commonly a referred to as ‘talking treatment’ and involves talking through mental health or emotional difficulties with a trained therapist. The overall aim is to increase the individual’s sense of well-being.

This may involve exploring factors that are contributing to a problem, and/or getting in the way of moving forward positively, and may focus on helping the individual to develop coping strategies to better manage a problem.

We recognise that not everyone is comfortable talking about a problem and so, where appropriate, Links aims to make therapy a creative process in which other mediums, such as play, art or writing can be used as a therapeutic tool. Work is tailored to each individual circumstance and may involve one-to-one work with the child or young person, joint work with parents and children, or support to parents/carers.
For what problems can therapy be useful?
  • Children experiencing emotional, behavioural or mental health problems – such as depression, anxiety, anger, difficulties in school, OCD
  • Where there are difficult parent-child relationships, or the family have experienced stress-inducing factors, such as parental separation
  • Under 5’s work with parents and babies/toddlers who are struggling with problems of development, such as sleep, weaning or toilet-training
  • Children and young people who may be struggling to come to terms with experiences of trauma, neglect and abuse and where there are concerns about behaviour
How long does therapy take? – There is no set timescale for therapy and progress is dependent on a range of factors. At Links, goals are agreed at the start of therapy, with regular reviews. All therapeutic work is evaluated, with client feedback and outcome measures used to monitor effectiveness and develop the service offered.
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